10 3 / 2012

The availability of TWO grocery stores is a huge step-up from most Nashville communities, as many have none or only one.  These grocery stores are able to offer fresh-food options to the residents of the community, a privilege.  

However, there have been complaints about the availability and pricing of other healthy food options.  Sydney Peyser notes how she loves to eat healthy, raving about the Whole Foods Juice Bar and Frothy Monkey, but complains about the prices of these goods.  Working on a retail salary, she notes that it is often difficult to find healthy dining options within her budget.

It is for this reason, pricing, that most people turn towards fast food, as it provides a whole meal at a much cheaper price.  The abundance of fresh-food options in Richland/West-End may be detrimental to the face of the community, then, as it may provide an outlet for some to get easy dining.  This may be more of a problem for the West-End community, as many more of the residents are relying on a smaller income and are worried about feeding less people.  

Parts of the Richland community do focus on sustainable food production, as some of the community gardens grow fruits and vegetables.  Gardens like these that not only unite a community but offer fresh food options would be great to implement in other Nashville communities.